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to Katherine explain 
a great method to improve your speaking voice: 
Pure Voice Power coaching will improve the sound quality of your voice.
You will learn how to maintain a healthy voice for a lifetime of use .
Speak with clearer diction so your words are easy - to - understand.
Enjoy overall clarity of your speaking voice.
UPGRADE YOUR PROFESSIONAL                            !  
It is essential to be heard and understood by your audience and / or  listeners.
Whether studying voice is to help you sound better while conducting business, for personal improvement regarding ease of conversation or building self-confidence, marketing yourself by upgrading your ability to communicate is very empowering and beneficial in professional and social settings.

Voice and speech are two different things.

Pure Voice Power is one of the few training systems which combines voice improvement and speech improvement. 

The Pure Voice Power Speech & Voice training method helps you excel at speaking. It’s not taught in schools. Becoming an expert communicator doesn’t require long, tedious hours of study and practice. With the proper knowledge and tools, you can strengthen your voice and diction skills any time of the day…even in silence.

Pure Voice Power is your “one-stop” learning centre to improve how you speak overall:

1.) Improve the sound of your voice.
2.) Improve the quality your diction; your pronunciation

These two disciplines are usually taught separately. You’d have to work with a voice teacher for sound, AND with a speech therapist or elocution specialist separately to improve your articulation of words. This can be expensive and time consuming.


PURE VOICE POWER combines these 2 methods :

For improving the


we focus on:


  • Maximizing your vocal volume, power and projection

  • Reducing & managing vocal tension 

  • Combatting vocal fatigue 

  • Understanding anatomy of the voice

  • Gaining more vocal stamina

  • Increasing your vocal range (stretch high and low tones)

  • Enhancing the tone of your voice to make it more pleasan

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic listening skills

  • Voicing stretched vowels and dipthongs

  • Practice ethic and tools to make practice easy & fun!


For clearer


we focus on:


  • Improving articulation for clarity (how you say words)

  • Strengthening facial muscles, for expressive performance

  • Techniques for breath support and control

  • Posture awareness for efficient projection

  • Improved body language 

  • Gestures & integrated action for enhanced visual appeal

  • Outer psychology and listening skills

  • Confidence and enthusiasm

  • Understanding and engaging the physics of acoustics

  • Correct breath support

Whenever you talk, you require the power to convince.


If you are uncomfortable in front of audiences, take action and

improve your voice, speaking and performance skills!

The only things that ensure you will excel at communicating with a ‘performance’ mindset are:
  1.) Experience
  2.) A great training coach
  3.) Practice

In addition, to be an excellent 4-Star ‘performance communicator’ you personally need to:
  1.)…Know your material. (be prepared)
  2.)…Persist. (practice)
  3.)…Believe in yourself. (confidence)
  4.)…You need help from others to achieve your goals.


Studies show that poor speaking skills and a weak, or timid sounding voice can adversely affect your earning / income potential in the workplace.The Pure Voice Power Speech & Diction method helps you develop a unique personal speaking style and sound. Branding yourself evolves from your personal & professional image. How others perceive you will impact on your career success!


Excellent communicators gain more respect from others whenever they speak. Your confidence level will soar! Great motivators throughout history relied on their voices. Sir Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, john F. Kennedy……….. it’s a long list. Although sound recordings didn’t exist 2,000 years ago, I’d suppose that Jesus Christ himself had fantastic public speaking skills.


Great leaders speak assuredly with strong, crisp consonants & dynamics. They know how to use dramatic pauses to drive their points home. You never hear fear or nervous tension in any these voices. All great speaking voices command authority….and trust. 

 Social  Benefits  of  Voice  Coaching

There are countless other situations where you will need excellent speech & voice skills, and here are just a few (below).


Great communication is the foundation of relationships and it's the main way we navigate through life. 

• Giving a speech at an anniversary

• Giving a speech at a wedding

• Giving a speech at a birthday

• Giving a eulogy at a funeral

• Singing karaoke (for fun or competition)
• Telling campfire stories
• Reading to your child
• Socializing at a party
• Meetings: Community, school, office or political
• Attending book clubs
• Saying grace at dinner or holiday offerings
• Cheering for your child playing competitive sports.
• In group therapy circles
• Calling for help in emergencies


Kathy's  Pure  Voice  Power  Method  of   Teaching


Kathy is a professional voice coach like no other. She loves her work. Students and clients easily develop a quick, “no-fuss” practice routine to experience continual voice and speech improvement.


Kathy explains:

“ My method is based on performance. Those who attend my seminars & study with me experience their voices in a new way. You will never improve your voice or diction by just reading about it. You need to DO the work, and have fun in the process.

We work hard. And, when necessary, we work fast. You will be fascinated and gain a new respect for your voice. The PVP method is based in psychology, science, logic, correct techniques, and anatomy. We get down to business by understanding the principles of muscle memory around the mechanisms involved with vocalisation and articulation. We address confidence (if necessary) and get the proper mindset to foster progress. You then learn all you need to know about your instrument of communication and how it works. I focus on motivation. The whole body contributes to your instrument. What really drives the voice and how you communicate? Your MIND. One should develop the vocal apparatus and its related muscles, then connect it to the mind on a personal level.”

Kathy’s training is affordable, convenient, interesting and you will experience improvement if you practice. 

Invest in your career. Sound like the professional you are….or, aspire to be!

Voice and speech coaching is one of the best investments
you will make as an upgrade for
your professional image, business or employees.


Choose any combination of these Voice & Speech Workshop Themes for your company's next Communications Upgrade Educational Event:

  • Foods & Beverages to Avoid

  • Breathing, Breath Support & Tone Support

  • Strengthen Facial Muscles

  • Troubleshoot Throat Dryness at Work                                

  • Control & Dynamics

  • Increased Vocal Range & Power

  • The Science of Acoustics

  • Physiology of the Larynx

  • Warm-Ups, Workouts & Exercises;

  • Deepen, Raise or Warm the Pitch of your Voice

  • Easy Vocal Maintenance for Stamina and Health

  • Maximum Volume & Projection

  • Diction Drills

  • Developing the Vocal Mechanism

  • How to Combat Stage Fright and Speak with Total Confidence

  • Perfecting spoken Presentations

  • Reducing your Accent to be Understood 100%

  • Managing Tension

  • Selling & Presentation Tips for Sales Excellence

  • Developing a Personal Speaking Style and Sound

  • Improved Tone & Organic Resonance

  • Mic Technique

  • Diction & Articulation

  • How Sound Influences Enthusiasm

  • Eradicating Vocal Fatigue

  • Memorization Techniques for delivering Speeches & Presentations

  • Improvising Hints for Speakers

  • Mental Focus Techniques

  • Appropriate Body Language


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