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Practice English

Pronounce OO + EE Vowel Sounds

Voice Improvement for Speakers

Sing to increase range & stamina

Practice English

Pronounce the 'UH' Vowel Sound

Practice English

Words with S that sound like a Z

Practice English

Canada Provinces & Territories

Practice  English

Pronounce the 'OO' Vowel Sound

SING to Improve your


Warm-Up #2

Control Your Diaphragm

Exercise for Better Public Speaking

SING to Improve your


Warm-Up #1 

Healthy Vocal Technique

Problems caused by a Breathy Voice

Voice Stamina with Long Tones

Exercise for Better Public Speaking

Practice English

Capital Cities of Canada

How Well Do You Know Your Voice?

The answers to the questions below will get you on the road to

better communication by raising your awareness.


Could you work or support your family if you lost your voice? ___________


Do you warm up your voice at all before you get to work? _____


Are you a habitual ‘throat-clearer’?______________


Are you an expert and know all you can about your voice? _____________


Is your diction crystal clear, yet natural-sounding? _____________


Do you need a healthy sounding voice every day?______________


Do you tend to mumble, slur or mispronounce words?_____________


Do people often ask you to repeat yourself? ______________________


Do you take quick, shallow, frequent breaths when you talk?____________


Do you force air through your voice in order to to talk louder?_______________


Do others find your foreign accent difficult to understand?_____________


Do you tend to speak monotone or sound ‘boring’? _____________________


Do you speak too quietly?_______________


Do you speak too loudly?_____________________


Do you have a lot of phlegm and mucous build-up in your throat?_______


Do you ever speak too quickly? _____________


Does your voice sound too nasal or have a ‘shrill’ quality?__________________


Have you ever lost your voice or become hoarse from over-using your voice?_________________________


Do you use  ‘crutch’ words such as “um”… “like”…or ”ya know"? ______________


What might you want to improve about your voice or how you talk? ____________

Do you have superior listening skills?_______________


Do people always listen when you talk?____________________________


If not, can you identify why they don't listen?____________________________

Do you tend to interrupt people when they talk? _________________

Does public speaking make you anxious, nervous or uncomfortable?___________
If it does, has this been an obstacle to your career success?_________________


Don’t take your main instrument of communication for granted or ignore

one of your greatest assets: your voice!

Facial Expression Differences Between Chinese and European Americans. This is an interesting article which discusses some basic differences between European American facial expression and the less facially expressive style of Chinese culture.

Vocal Branding: How Your Voice Shapes Your Communication Image

Posted July 18, 2019 / Recorded May 2018

In this TED Talk, Wendy LeBorgne explains why and how your voice is your MOST important tool when communicating. In business, your voice and the manner in which you speak is your BRAND. Starting in the 1990's I would begin many seminars and voice workshops speaking with a poor voice just to demonstrate how important it is. I wonder if she stole my opening! LOL This video is an informative talk which clearly demonstrates the importance of having a professional sounding voice and style of speaking. I highly recommend you watch this! 

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Nov. 21, 2012


Some people are, indeed, born leaders.  These folks at the top of the leadership bell curve start out very good, and tend to get even better as they go along...

In Public Speaking, Less Is More

Aug. 1, 2013


Less is more. That's the single most important public speaking rule of thumb. When speakers make mistakes, it's most often because they try to cram too much data into.....  

Manage Your Personal Leadership Image

May 20, 2012


How mindful are you of your personal leadership image? How do you come across to recruiters or busness professionals?  Building an authentic leadership image is critical for your personal brand and professional success...

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Recommended Reading   ...more to come


Recommended Reading on Related Topics  - Alphabetically

~A note on “ISBN” numbers: You can find virtually any book in the world if it’s in print somewhere.

While the ISBN is like a fingerprint, occasionally where is both a hardcover and paperback version of the same book,

they will have two different ISBN numbers. 



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CREATIVITY: Flow and The Psychology of Discovery and Invention

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by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati (Yoga Coach) / ISBN: 0-0071-1033-2 / © 2001 Published by: Thorsons, of Harper Collins Publishers, London




8% of your communication is received through your words alone

37% of your communication is received through the sound of your voice (not content)

55% of your communication is received by the body language you send.



8% of your communication is received through your words alone

92% of your communication is received by the sound of your voice (not content)*


You and your company need every competitive edge possible in today’s fast-paced business arena. A timid or poorly developed voice may unfairly hinder how others perceive you.


FACT: Sloppy speech will not build trust with clients or co-workers. The majority of people mutter or slur, ignore consonants, corrupt vowels and lazily group words together. We still understand what they’re saying because of the context. You only need to hear a few key words and then you ‘fill in the blanks’.


A great voice & good diction makes your professional image sparkle.Voices can be instantly identifiable, distinguishing you as unique and easy-to-remember.Your voice may be – and often is - the first impression your client has of you. These first few seconds will be major factor in the success of business presentations. Unfortunately, a new listener makes snap judgements about many things about you very quickly: your upbringing, your income, your I.Q., your mood, and much more. Be sensitive to how others react to what you say. You may be overloading them with information, which might cause them to “back off”. Do people tend to gravitate away from you at social gatherings due to lack of conversation? Do people look away when you’re saying something directly to them? They could want a reason to end the conversation.


If you find others asking you to repeat yourself, then that clearly means they have a problem understanding your words.If people don’t listen when you talk, there is a reason.Rest assured that something can be done about it.


Singing is an EXCELLENT way to improve the quality of your speaking voice! New video: Sing Along with Major Scales - this video is a great practice and learning tool for anyone who uses on their voice. I put you through your paces as we sing major scales up and down the octave. Instructions appear. You will increase your vocal range and stamina. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and LIKE this video! I hope you'll sing with it every day! Please share this with anyone who would like to improve their voice!

Many Covid patients are benefitting from singing because it helps the lungs with fuller breathing. And it's a positive activity for your whole body as your vocal cords vibrate.

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