Choose any combination of these Voice & Speech topics to be included at your 

next Communications Educational Event - or private lessons:

  • Foods & Beverages to Avoid

  • Breathing, Breath Support & Tone Support

  • Strengthen Facial Muscles

  • Troubleshoot Throat Dryness at Work                                

  • Control & Dynamics

  • Increased Vocal Range & Power

  • The Science of Acoustics

  • Physiology of the Larynx

  • Warm-Ups, Workouts & Exercises;

  • Deepen, Raise or Warm the Pitch of your Voice

  • Easy Vocal Maintenance for Stamina and Health

  • Maximum Volume & Projection

  • Diction Drills

  • Developing the Vocal Mechanism

  • How to Combat Stage Fright and Speak with Total Confidence

  • Perfecting spoken Presentations

  • Reducing your Accent to be Understood 100%

  • Managing Tension

  • Selling & Presentation Tips for Sales Excellence

  • Developing a Personal Speaking Style and Sound

  • Improved Tone & Organic Resonance

  • Mic Technique

  • Diction & Articulation

  • How Sound Influences Enthusiasm

  • Eradicating Vocal Fatigue

  • Memorization Techniques for delivering Speeches & Presentations

  • Improvising Hints for Speakers

  • Mental Focus Techniques

  • Appropriate Body Language

PHOTOS: Pure Voice Power Corporate Training Events

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Teaching CE Voice and Speech Skills
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Financial Company, Manager Session
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Kathy takes a question
Women's Financial Association
Entertainment Tonight Canada, Global
2013 - Corporate Training Event
Aurora ON - Public Speaker Workshop
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Individual Analysis for Presenters
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Voice Technique for Speakers
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"Insights" - Rogers Cable Television
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