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Visit Jeff Ansell's website for excellence in media training. Jeff and his associates cover some similar things to what we offer at Pure Voice Power, but we have a keen and specific focus on vocal quality and the mechanics of delivering words when we speak. Jeff and his associates offer many things we don't, so please visit his website and connect with his wonderful staff!

Jeff Ansell & Associates offer excellence in media training. Corporate or private.

Millar, McGrath & Associates

Etiquette and Social Skills Training


Certified Etiquette expert Deborah McGrath helps clients overcome challenges ranging from social anxiety to shyness. By offering "Etiquette and Protocol intelligence" Deborah will coach you to win, feel confident and comfortable, and move with ease and grace through academic, business and social arenas.

Victor J. Hanson, Corporate Comedy



We are lucky to have corporate comedian and super nice, fun guy, Victor J. Hanson on our Pure Voice Power team. He runs fun workshops with us and will show you the ins and outs of corporate comedy. Learn about comedic etiquette, how to make your audie4nce laugh and enjoy your business presentation in any arena!


Contact Victor J. Hanson, a master at corporate comedy or for your next event. Victor is a fantastic emcee and has many years experience! 

Shelley Ratcliffe, Fashions that Move

Shelley is an important component to your personal & professional image. She offers information on body shapes and sizes, and colours. Determine what body shape you have and choose appropriate styles to accentuate your attributes. Learn about "Dressing for Success". You only have one chance to make a great impression.


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary & Thesaurus

This is a very handy resource on the internet!



Whenever you look up a word, there is also an AUDIO example of how it should sound.


The website has fun quizzes to help improve your vocabulary and spelling! 


Don't forget to look at the WORD OF THE DAY. You can subscribe and have a new word emailed you you every day.

Computer Solutions for Home or Business

I have used Compu-101 several times and I recommend them highly, If there are any problems with your computers, they know exactly what to do to fix them. Highly skilled staff and great customer service. If you need new systems installed or built they will outfit your business with exactly what you need. They will also make recommendations for what suits your needs. 

Entertainers Secret

Throat Relief Spray and Moisturizer

This unique, easy to use, non-medicinal throat spray:

  • Supplements the throat's natural moisturizers

  • Comforts and soothes

  • Restores vocal quality, safely, quickly, and effectively

Illustrations by Annie

You can reach Annie by e-mail at: 

Analia Longhi is a talented illustrator and animator. She moved to Canada from Argentina in 2018. She is the nicest person ...and very hard-working!


If you know anyone who needs a children's illustrator, logo, drawings for menus or books, or animated sequences, contact her! She can work long distance and digitally to anywhere from her base in Toronto. Annie's Facebook page:

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