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What CUSTOMIZED THEMES can we have for our interactive training event?

Kathy will conduct an interactive group

session tailored to your company’s needs.


If you’re looking for something fresh to offer at your next annual conference or employee training session, imagine how unique and valuable it would be to upgrade the voice and speaking skills of your staff.


Kathy's presentations are fun, energetic and educational. The interactive nature of her sessions really wake up an audience as participants exercise their voices and enjoy group practice.

You are welcome to design your own format from this list of sample custom workshop themes (below). If you have something different in mind, let me create an event specifically for your company.



IDEAS for your next corporate training event:


“ Perfecting Our Phone Skills”
“ Sound Like a Pro When You Pitch”
“Up Your Communication Skills to Increase Sales”
“ It’s HOW You Say It”
“ The Tao of Confident Speaking”
“ The Big Sound Crash Course”
“ Creating a Charismatic Stage Presence”
“ Boot Camp for Speakers”
“ Podium Panic Solution Essentials”
“ Raise the Bar and Raise Your Voice for    

  Dynamic Business Presentations"

“ Reduce Your Accent for Easy Understanding”
“ Small Talk Matters: Upping Your Schmooze Factor”
“ Executives Need Executive Voices”
“ Speaking with Sincerity”
“ Success Resolution: “Speak with Leadership”
“ Improv Games for Impromptu Speaking”
“ Business Voice Essentials for Managers & Trainers”
“ Controlling the Call”
“ The Language of Sales”

“ Voice Essentials for Business”
“ No More Tired Voice”
“ Bring You’re Audience Alive!”

" Leadership Success Communication Resolution"
“ Group Team Dynamics & Communication”

 WHAT KIND of Educational Events  are there, and WHERE ?

At any location, Kathy will deliver dynamic, interactive group educational Training Event. 


  • Annual Conventions 

  • Conferences

  • Business Retreats

  • Annual Meetings as a Guest Speaker

  • Boardroom Coaching during business hours

  • Breakout sessions during business hours

  • Group Managers or Staff

  • Incentive Trips & Travel Destinations

  • Sales Meetings 

  • Product Launches

  • Product Training Event

  • Strategic Planning Session

  • Trade Shows


Kathy will conduct an intensive, interactive group seminar tailored to your company’s needs. Everyone receives take-away booklets with information and exercises to improve diction and vocal ability on their own.


30-minute post seminar Q&A session included.


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 Commucations training event for department managers of

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