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Special 2021 Rate for Voice Lessons
Improve your Voice for Speaking or Singing 

Hello Film Comm Roster,

This is an exclusive offer for members of Melissa's roster only. 

If you need help with improving your voice or how clearly you speak,

I am happy to offer coaching at a special rate 


Pay as you go, no minimal number of lessons required.

You can take 1 lesson or 10 lessons - your decision. Scheduled at your convenience. . 

I have been teaching speakers, actors, management, teachers, etc. how to improve their voices for over two decades. I provide all learning materials.

These are the areas we will focus on depending on YOUR specific and unique needs: 

To improve the SOUND OF YOUR VOICE 


  • Volume: Increase your vocal volume, power and projection / quiet dynamics and nuance

  • Reducing & managing vocal tension 

  • Breath technique

  • Combatting vocal fatigue 

  • Understanding anatomy of the voice

  • Gaining vocal stamina

  • Increasing your vocal range (stretch high and low tones / pitches)

  • Enhancing the tone of your voice to make it more pleasant

  • Bring new sounds, overtones and colours to your vocal tone when needed for acting / auditioning 

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic listening skills

  • Voicing stretched vowels and diphthongs for presence of tone

  • Practice habits and tools to make practice easy & fun!

  • Control of vocal dynamics


For clearer PRONUNCIATION OF WORDS we focus on:


  • Improving articulation for clarity (how you say words)

  • Strengthening facial muscles, for expressive performance

  • Techniques for breath support and control

  • Posture awareness for efficient projection

  • Incorporating body language 

  • Gestures & integrated action for enhanced visual appeal

  • Confidence and enthusiasm

  • Understanding and applying the physics of acoustics

  • Correct breath technique and support

  • Use and position of tongue and facial muscles

  • Nuance of tone for a variety  / range of colours

  • Application practicing monologues

In ADDITION we focus on:


  • Confidence

  • Developing your own unique style

  • Vocal health and hygiene

  • Keeping the ageing voice in good condition

  • Establishing a no-fuss practice routine

Voice Lessons with Katherine 2021 
( Zoom )

Regular rate ........... $50 / 1 hour lesson
FilmComm Rate ..... $30 / 1 hour lesson

The same discount applies for singing lessons, 

*These lessons are not acting lessons. They are to improve vocal ability for singing, speaking or both.

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