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Special Rate for Voice Lessons

Hello Film Comm Roster,

This is an exclusive offer for members of Melissa's roster only. 

If you need any help with your voice, I will be happy to offer you coaching at a special rate


Pay as you go, no minimal number of lessons required.

You can take 1 lesson, 10 lessons or 100 lessons - your decision.

Lessons scheduled at your convenience. . 

I have been teaching speakers, actors, management, teachers, etc. how to improve their voices for over two decades. I provide all learning materials.

These are the areas we can cover depending on YOUR needs: 

To improve the SOUND OF YOUR VOICE 


  • Volume: Increase your vocal volume, power and projection / quiet dynamics and nuance

  • Reducing & managing vocal tension 

  • Breath technique

  • Combatting vocal fatigue 

  • Understanding anatomy of the voice

  • Gaining vocal stamina

  • Increasing your vocal range (stretch high and low tones / pitches)

  • Enhancing the tone of your voice to make it more pleasant

  • Bring new sounds, overtones and colours to your vocal tone when needed for acting / auditioning 

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic listening skills

  • Voicing stretched vowels and diphthongs for presence

  • Practice habits and tools to make practice easy & fun!


For clearer PRONUNCIATION OF WORDS we focus on:


  • Improving articulation for clarity (how you say words)

  • Strengthening facial muscles, for expressive performance

  • Techniques for breath support and control

  • Posture awareness for efficient projection

  • Improved body language 

  • Gestures & integrated action for enhanced visual appeal

  • Confidence and enthusiasm

  • Understanding and applying the physics of acoustics

  • Correct breath technique and support

Voice Lessons with Kathy 2021
( Zoom )

Regular rate ........... $50 / hour lesson
FilmComm Rate ..... $30 / hour lesson

The same discount applies for singing lessons. 

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your lesson, your money will be refunded. 


Singing Lessons 

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