What  Private Clients Say

Private Voice & Speech Lessons 

Hi Kathy,

I learned  a lot from our session today regarding improvision presentation skills. I appreciate your help. I will practice everyday and video tape it.  

                        ....J. Chua, Insurance Account Specialist

" Working with Kathy, I've had two major breakthroughs in my voice! First, I learned how to project and have a much stronger, resonant voice.


Second, I learned techniques to improve my diction which help me immensely in speaking to an audience in acting and singing. I can't think of how I was able to communicate effectively before I met her?


I'm getting excellent feedback in my work and my opportunities continue to expand because the trust and confidence I have in myself shines.

   ... Kara F., Actor, Financial Consultant    






" Kathy, your help and encouragement are greatly appreciated. "                                ... Jerry Rose, Author

“ Dear Kathy,


I just did my exercises this morning. It’s so great to have a coach like you. You are so energetic and patient with my progress. Thanks so much for your time and effort. I began to experience what self-control is and how it can help me do other activities, such as golfing. Of course, I realize my voice and verbal English can be improved. I’m sure that reducing my accent have a positive impact on my career. I really like the ways that you approach my challenge. Your creativity, experience and knowledge make a big difference. Furthermore, your enthusiasm, patience and effort have motivated me to keep practicing. I really appreciate everything and enjoy working with you, Kathy. Thanks so much.”                                                                                                                 ...Mr. D. Lau, Toronto



“ Dear Kathy,

I just wanted to thank you for your help. I applied the suggestions you have given me and I am amazed to see the results. I am making sure that I have that smile in my voice. In fact, just a few minutes ago my manager came and gave me a very big hug. He said to me that is so happy to hear me talk like this and hears the big difference in my voice. My boss is visually impaired and not able to see anything. But he has great gifts of other senses.”                                                                                                                                                                 ...H. Haider, Toronto  

AYA Committee workshop review - promo im


  • City of Toronto, Parks & Rec – Customer Service Voice & Phone Skills  

  • Pearson Embanet for Norwich University Recruitment Services Team

  • ACTRA Toronto AYA Committee

  • Toronto Council of Hazzanim: Voice Care Clinic for Cantors

  • Motivational Speaker for TravelCorp. Fall Brochure Launch

  • Client Communications Training Event: WeeWatch Day Care Providers

  • University of Toronto Faculty Debate Club: Dynamic Speaking Tutorial

  • Ont. Society for Nutrition Mgmt. (OSNM)  Conference Interactive Seminar

  • Communications Switchboard Training for Homewood Health Care, Guelph

  • Voice Training for Call Centre CSRs at Citi Financial, and MailMarketing Corp.

  • Bad Dog Theatre: Foundations of Voice Character Development

  • Women in Capital Markets: Your Voice; Your Professional Image

  • GTA College Faculty Communications for Teachers

  • Learning Annex, Sales, Public Speaking, Voice-Make-over

  • Life Insurance Institute of Canada (LIIC): Effective Communication

  • Ontario Wholesaler Farm Equipment Association (OWFEA)

  • Centennial College Student Association Inc. Leadership Resolution (CCSAI)

  • TTelevision: Insights “How to Succeed in Business”: Rogers, Richmond Hill

  • Toastmasters Int’l District 60 Convention Public Speaking Seminar


I have clients who wish to remain anonymous.

Coaching is private and



What  Clients  Say

Corporate Training Events

"...Given the feedback I have received on the 2 speaking engagements you have done for The Travel Corporation I would be a fool not to have you back for the next brochure launch; you have a way of connecting with the staff here which I don’t think anyone else would be able to duplicate. 

                                             ...Nick K., Call Centre Manager

                                                          The Travel Corporation


"It was great, Kathy!”

                   ...Jeni S., Community Recreation Programmer

                                                                   City of Toronto                       

“ A big thank you again for doing such an excellent job for us last Friday. Not only did you deliver a lot of great training information, but you brought the group’s energy level back up at a critical time in the afternoon and helped end the day for us on a high note. You did an excellent job. As well, your handout is amazing! I can’t believe how chock-a-block it is with useful and interesting information. It is awesome to me how much work you did in getting everything ready and presented. I really appreciate it. The group really wants to have you back to help us further improve our presentation voices, possibly toward the end of the year. Thanks again for helping make our 2nd Annual Planner’s Retreat a big success.”

                              ...Brian Bridgeman, 

Manager of the Planning and Development Department, Town of Ajax



" Great presentation. High energy-the information was quite interesting and I hope to utilize this in my daily regime.”

                                      ...Mark C., AT&T Canada



" Excellent introduction to understanding the power of the voice.”

                                     ...Luciano Miranda, Celestica


" Great job! Keep up the good work. Love the humour! ”

                                      ...Kathleen Partridge, Bank of Montreal“


" This hour session went too quickly; a longer session would be excellent. ”

                                      ...Maria Harley-Perver, Ministry of Enterprise


“ Your presentation was dynamite, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and are amazed at it's usefulness. Voice is something we've definitely overlooked up till now.”

                                        …Sandy D., Port Credit Toastmasters


Well done Kathy! You certainly have charisma, passion and a wonderful presentation.”

                                         …Lori-Ann Jakel, Stand Up and Speak


"Please come back again!" ...Gary, Sun Life


Kathy - Just a note to thank you for a wonderful session. It was great - the time just whizzed by and I learned a lot. Great stuff, or should I say great words of wisdom. Thank you.             ...Anne I., Job Skills


Kathy is very upbeat…and allows the listeners to fully absorb the lesson and actively participate!"    

                                          ...Christina Fucci, CIBC


" I really enjoyed your speech and you have given me the incentive to speak better! Well done!."       ...Blair L., Royal Bank of Canada


" Great information and exercises to improve voice use in speaking."

                                              ...John F., Int'l Network Professionals


" A truly outstanding and very “alive”, full of life, informative presentation. I loved it! I learned!"  

                                               ... Matthew C., Denninghouse Inc.


“I found it very informative and helpful to improve my voice.”

                                              ... Syed Baqar Raza, Celestica


“ I really enjoyed it moreso because public speaking is one of my passions. Kathy, you were great. Please arrange to come back. I would love to hear you speak again. Thanks again.”  ...Genevieve Ford, CIBC


“ I enjoyed your presentation very much. It was very helpful. I’d like to refer people to you.”    

                                           ... Ana Maria Panach, Psychotherapist


" Excellent speech. When you have spare time you could be doing voice overs!"

                                         ... Mary McDonald, Quad Search Inc.


" Excellent, and very entertaining at the same time."          

                                         ... J. B., Employee Maritime Life


" Kathy's speech was wonderful and useful but it was too short! I hope to listen to her again!"             ... Larry, Discovery Toastmasters


“ I am sure if I use the techniques you have shown us today I will improve significantly. Thank you.”     ... Employee, Bank of Montreal


“ Vibrant, energetic, positive seminar with lots of humour.”                                                                   ... Dorothy, Cowper Inc


“ A wonderfully energetic, participative and informative seminar.”

                                              ... Roy Eckmeier, Barrie, ON


“ Great energy & enthusiasm, very knowledgeable. Audience participation really makes this work!”            ... Dale Warner, Celestica


" Overall really fun session and very informative."        

                                               ... John Becevello, Sun Life


" Excellent presentation, entertaining-didn't want to miss a moment."

                                             ... Kenn Chapman, The Hope Foundation


" Very interesting and impressive seminar."

                                               ... Bill Li, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts


" Very expressive speaker; a great role model for a good voice."

                                                ... Jenny Poole, University of Waterloo


“ I have realized now, a gift that I have that I wasn’t aware of before.”

                                                 ... Michelle Bricland, Celestica


“ Your ‘performance’ was excellent. Thank you for all this information you have given me.”                              ... Parviz Gordanpour, CIBC


" Great tips/techniques. Awesome….." ... Rob Belsby, AT&T Canada


" Great presentation! Learned a lot - I wish that it would be more time."

                                                     ... Beza Pellowe, Sun Life


" Kathy, you incorporated humour, which made the information much easier to remember."                        ... Ed Perez, Rainbow Toastmasters


" Very energetic, enjoyable delivery."  ... Employee, Bank of Nova Scotia


“ Very good & very worthwhile. Many thanks for coming.”      

                                                        … Jamie Prescott, Celestica


" Enjoyed the exercises. I am conscious of the muscles in my face after the seminar."                                 ... Kristen R., Royal Bank of Canada


" I just want to say thank you for the seminar on Friday afternoon for The Town of Ajax. I found it very interesting, educational and I had really learned quite a bit from you. I dabble in ventriloquism, and I am amazed how much my “vent voice” has improved since Friday. I have done and will continue to do exercises."

                                                    ....M. Chow, Compliance Associate,                                           Town of Ajax Planning and Development Services


“ Thank you – informative and fun! ” ...Michelle Irish, Bank of Montreal“ I learned a lot about my voice & will use some of the suggestions to exercise my voice." 

                                                                 ... Elaine Thompson, CIBC


“ Great! Loved it all! Thanks, Kathy!”

                                               ... Matthew Williamson, Acting Student,

                                                         Sears Drama Festival, Kitchener 




May 31, 2014: 

Hi Kathy, Thanks for yesterday's wonderful and informative introduction to vocal development. You kept the session fun with many practical (and individualized) advice and examples.  Also thank you for the "early Christmas gift" CD. Thank you for starting this journey for me.

... Regards, David L.

Workshop Participant, Martial Arts Instructor



Hi Kathy: Thank you for the great workshop last week. People really enjoyed it and found it very beneficial. I know they enjoyed your humour. I will keep in touch.      ... Colleen Tripp,  President, Rainbow Toastmasters



“ I’m still is awe with what I have learned today.”                      

                                                                     … Juliet Alleyne, WSIB


Hello ToastIT Members! What a special meeting we had on Tuesday. Kathy Thompson was a 'clarion' of information about our voices and how we can keep them healthy, and improve our vocal communication through exercises and practice. I really appreciated this presentation!! Thanks again, Kathy, for educating us about our voices.

                          … Regards, James Pankratz, VP of Education, Toast-I.T. 



Hello, Kathy, (We) thank you very much, again, for "How Your Voice Works" presentation yesterday, Nov. 28th. Those members who were unable to attend were very put out because they would have found this session very enlightening. I know I did. We have had several "in-house" workshops on the voice - but your presentation presented a more in-depth look at how the voice works and how we should take care of it. I am more aware now of clearing my throat and I'm working on eliminating that bad habit, as well as working on deepening my voice. From the rapt attention of club members, I'm sure your words did not fall on deaf ears. You were truly amazing! … Valerie Springer, President

Drew Toastmasters, Eaton Centre Tower