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Kathy has a team of talented partners.
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Deborah McGrath, Certified Etiquette Expert & Speaker
- Social Etiquette​Business Protocol
– Domestic and GlobalDining Skills
– from Fun to FormalSocial Engagement Skills
– Networking, Team-Building, Savvy Advice for Seasonal Socials
Victor J. Hanson, Corporate Comedy & Speaker
- Adding humour to your presentations and speeches
- Conference Ice breakers, introductions & wrap - ups
- Finding your style
- Delivery, content and timing
Linda Googh: Wellness Expert
Linda is an RCRT Reflexology Therapist, Teacher and Examiner. As a corporate speaker, one of her popular themed wellness workshops is "Stress Management through Self Reflexology".

In this fun and engaging Clinic, some easy to learn techniques help to reduce stress and anxiety, relax you, improve your sleep, and develop a sense of inner calm and control that will flow over into all aspects of your life. Self-Reflexology can aid in stress reduction and anxiety. We will learn a combination of daily techniques that when combined creates “ Recipes for Wellness”. Your team will learn the many benefits of Reflexology for stress management. Your team will learn a number of routines for: Headaches, Insomnia, Dry mouth, Stiff neck, Nasal congestion, Sore eyes, Anxiety, Fear, Stress busting…and more.



For Kathy it's all about the VOICE. And..... staying very busy seven days a week!


Kathy has coached many corporate leaders in the private sector. She does performances

around North America. She works with senior citizens at many retirement residences

and Long Term Care facilitating her popular programs: SING FOR WELLNESS for active

seniors, and her MUSIC & MOVEMENT program for assisted living residents. She teaches

voice privately to singers and speakers as well as coaching for vocal groups.

Kathy's musical and vocal education began at Humber College as a Vocal Major. Fine Arts (after Grade 13). After college Kathy went on the road to do a performing tour across Canada. After that, she joined the music trade in the Royal Canadian Air Force and retired as a Sergeant. Kathy returned to Toronto in 1985 from living in Ottawa. She established her own dance band with a repertoire of over 400 songs for corporate and private functions, as well as the RSVP Jazz Quartet. In 1992 she was a founding member of The Singers Guild of Toronto. As President of the SGT, she organsed special events & workshops for singers: “Self Defense for Women”, “A Meeting with Donny Osmond”; the Guild brought in Annie Ross of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. In 1994, Kathy was elected to the Board of Directors, Toronto Musicians’ Association / American Federation of Musicians for a 2 year term. and was active in contract negotiations for Local 149. She was appointed chair of the contract revision committee, and designed the new contract for Local 149 miscellaneous & steady engagements. She was also an active member of the P.R Committee and Events Committee and an industry rep to National Association of Catering Executives.

To promote support of arts and live performance, Kathy was hired as the "See The Music" talent guide editor, in charge of layout, design, sales, and circulation at trade shows. Then came the study of animation voice acting in Los Angeles and Toronto, and jazz dance as well as Comedy Improv at Second City in the early 90’s and again in 2001…as well Theatresports Toronto (Level V) to hone her ‘quick thinking’ skills. Some of her favourite stints included being a singing host for Mark Breslin's "Sing Sing.", and having the pleasure of working with Debbie Reynolds as a film stand-in. Kathy was also a talent booking agent for Sphere Entertainment.


From 1988-1991, Kathy composed, published and distributed 3 independent recordings on CD which still receive Canadian airplay, most notably her Christmas favorite “The Gift of Love”. In 1994, she won a Scarborough Arts Council Award for her original country songs “Put Your Mind At Ease” performed by Neil Donnell. In 1998, she began a 6 year run as a principal performer in the live improv show "Joey & Gina’s Comedy Wedding" as a principal actor. She was featured singing the music of Harry James in the Toronto Jazz Festival, Canada Day ’99 at Nathan Phillip’s Square with Paul Grosney’s Big Band, and performed the Markham Jazz Festival with Paul and Tommy Ambrose. Kathy has had voice articles published in “Weddings & Honeymoons” Magazine, the Singers Guild of Toronto newsletter, and the KLI Corp. Newsletter “Your Voice Is You”. She created an audio CD project called “A Tribute To Canadian Jazz Composers”. 


In 2005, Kathy achieved her Advanced Bronze (ATM-B) designation from Toastmasters International. Being a perpetual student herself, she also a certified graduate of the National Institute of Broadcasting. Kathy was invited to join the Faculty of Centennial College as a part-time Continuing Education teacher and will be lecturing on communication skills. As the creator of the PURE VOICE POWER training method, she brings her unique vocal expertise to the business world. Her training studio is in Toronto east, where photos of her students and clients line the walls. In 2016 Kathy ran an 8 week Performance Camp for Youths. She is working on her current jazz CD called "Songs of Talk and Love". 


Kathy has certificates for studies such as:

Coaching with the Gestalt Method, Music Care Level 1 and 2 for Caregivers, is a Certified Teacher of Adults, Honours Graduate from Centennial College, Music Program 3 years Fine Arts Humber College, and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. In January 2016 Kathy finished Semester 1 for Certification in Thanatology as a professional musical care giver, doing popular programs for seniors and Long-Term Care patients.


She has a current police check available upon request.

Kathy is a regular Blood Donor.


MEMBERSHIPS, past and present

  • A.C.T.R.A. (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists)

  • V.A.S.T.A. (Voice and Speech Trainers Association)

  • A.F. of M. (American Federation of Musicians)

  • S.O.C.A.N. (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada)

  • C.M.R.R.A. (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Assoc.)

  • Toastmasters International

A Note from Kathy 


Our spoken communication skills should organize thoughts that wej crystallize into words and the quality / tone of our voice are the foundation of all success in business during any real-time interaction. In addition, listening skills are essential.


Your corporate image will make all the difference!


There are others who may have the ability to do your job, but it's YOU that sets you apart from others. Beyond your technical strengths and abilities in your career, your unique personality is your greatest asset. 


As a speaker and master communicator you will experience great benefits from building performance skills of your own.

Kathy's Voice-Overs 

Contact Kathy to supply her voice in advertisements or in-house phone systems for your company or product.


 Kathy is available to record Voice-Overs for your training videos, call system or documentaries or commercials and to write promotional scripts.

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Kathy's Bio

Kathy’s Philosophy 


“When I began my career over three decades ago, I had no idea of the fascinating mix of challenges, discovery, frustration, fulfillment and exhaustion that would lie ahead. I have learned to become a true self-starter, thanks to thousands of mentors and those who inspire me to excel. While it’s true that work lives in creation, it couples with dedication and persistence to make you strong! 

When you believe in your goals and manifest passion through joy on the journey of pursuing your destiny, then the work truly becomes a way of life and an integral part of each day. One can grow to love work with their soul. All we can gravitate towards is giving forth in the world, creating a good, just life for you and your family, and living in positivity and growth, so that we can leave the world a better place because we were here. The most wonderful thing is that when I go to sleep each night, I rest easy knowing that I did my very best each and every day.


 I look forward to testing my limits of personal evolution, continuing education and to be of true service to others. I strive to live a life based in positive purpose.”