A Confident voice and a Professional style of speaking

         will help you to achieve Success in business.

2018 April:

Listen to one of my speaking students BEFORE & AFTER  only 10 minutes of vocal coaching. 

Can you hear the difference? 

This is what Speech & Voice Coaching will do for you :
- It will sharpen pronunciation so that your words are clear and easy to understand
- It will refine your professional image
- It will enhance all of your communication skills - including listening
- It will help you to sound like a leader when you speak
- It will raise awareness of your clarity of intention and purpose
- It will build your confidence as you become a more effective communicator
- It will improve, modify or restore your vocal tone for the quality you desire. (results will vary)
Voice & Speech Coaching is an
excellent professional upgrade.

Enhance the SOUND QUALITY of your voice and enjoy overall improvement when you speak to others: in person, on the telephone, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, in the media or a video.



so that the words you say sparkle with clarity, confidence and are easy-to-understand. 


Refine your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE to reflect your strengths as a business person with a your own unique style of spoken communication.


Pure Voice Power is one of the few coaching programs which combines SPEECH and VOICE improvement, which are two separate disciplines. Kathy combines speech and voice in her unique way.

President of

Pure Voice Power

Kathy Thompson has been a voice teacher and coach to speakers and singers for  almost three decades. 

WHO would benefit from Voice and Speech Coaching?
ALL PROFESSIONALS who speak to groups, to the public or one-on-one with clients should study with a voice coach at some time in their career. The higher your corporate profile is, the more important it is to be a superb communicator because you will be seen and heard more often by more people, and often will be scrutinized more closely. It would also behoove those “on their way up” to be aware to how they speak and sound. INVEST in yourself to improve your skills and style as a communicator by scheduling lessons for voice and speech coaching for better business communication.

Actors of Stage, Media and Screen

Advertising Professionals
Advisors - Financial

Aerobics Instructors

Athletes: All sports players, any age, professional or amateur

Athletic Coaches & Officials - Every kind

Advertising Professionals
Animal Trainers
Answering Services
Airline - Pilots, Airport Staff, Aviation Control



Broadcast - Anchor, News, Weather, Sports, Radio

Business Owners - Small or large

Call Centre CSRs, Managers & Team Leaders

Celebrities, Spokespersons

CEO's. COO's CFO's, etc.


Chefs, Cooks, Hospitality Professionals

Clergy; all ministering, pastoral speakers of every faith
Coaches - Athletic, Business, Personal, every kind

Committee Members and Chairs

Constabulary - Police, R.C.M.P., Security Professionals

Construction: All inc. personnell, Foremen, Managers
Consultants - Financial, Bridal, Image, Astrological

Corporate - Executives, Management, Team Leads

Comedians, Improv Artists, Sketch & character actors

Construction Personell

Courtroom - Judges, Defenders, Staff

Dispatchers: Emergency, Taxi, Ambulance, Air Control, Courier, Trucking

Driving Instructors
Emergency Response Professionals

Event Planners

Executives, Managers
Film: Directors, ADs & Producers, Crew

Financial Sector Professionals: Tellers, Managers, Brokers, Planners


Fitness Trainers - Aerobics


Government: MPPs, all employees, elected officials
Health Practitioners

Hospitality - F&B, FOH, Sales, Mgmt., Hotel employees

Hosts: Television, News, Radio, Internet, Public

Image Consultants

Instructors (all)
Investment Professionals

Judges, Magistrates
Karaoke: Competitors or Hobbyists

Lawyers, Attorneys

Lecturers - classroom, boardroom, sales
Martial Artists: Instructors and Students


MPs, Ministries, Municipal, all government officials
Military Personnel
Music Conductors - Orchestral, Symphonic, Band

Office Staff   ( any )

Police, RCMP, Security Professionals

Professors: University, College, Lecture Circuit
Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Self Help professionals
Public Officials
Public Speakers - Professional or beginner
Real Estate -  Sales professionals, Brokers
Reception -Office administrator or assistant

Restaurant - Service Staff & Dining Managers, Owners
Retail -  Floor Associates, Supervisor, Manager
Sales Professionals, Promoters - every kind and sector
Security Professionals

Speakers - Amateur, Professional, Keynote

Speakers - Speeches for Weddings, Funerals, etc.

Sports - Referees, Officials, Coaches, Managers

Sports Commentators, play-by-play announcers
Stock Brokers
Teachers - every kind (esp. for children, special needs)
Tech Support Staff
Television Hosts & Personalities


Tour Guides

Trainers: Corporate, Athletic, all other
Transportation Sector Professionals
Voice Artists & Voice Actors

Wait Staff, Dining Managers, culinary professionals


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